Lucy holding up a brands product to the camera for My Vegan Travels sponsored posts

Let’s work together!

Our founder Lucy is an experienced blogger and SEO with a portfolio of brands under her belt. Find out why (& how) you should advertise your brand here on My Vegan Travels.

Our offerings

Here are the different ways in which we can work together. For us to write authentically, we need to try out your product or service offering.

Criteria: We only feature brands that are vegan-friendly. If for any reason we don’t love your product/service we will refund you the money.

Lucy holding the SURI Toothbrush up against a grey background for this SURI Toothbrush review

Product review


Lucy will test out your vegan-friendly product and write an extensive full-page review.

Example: Review of Suri Toothbrush (ranks on page 1 for ‘Suri Toothbrush review’) and Review of Make Waves (ranks position 2 for ‘Make Waves review‘)

Lucy sat on the sofa in her Locke hotel room

Hotel review

Limited offer: FREE

Lucy will visit your hotel, take photographs and write a full-page review of her stay.

Example: Review of Locke Aparthotel

Lucy in Berlin one of the best vegan travel destinations

Restaurant review


Lucy will visit your restaurant, take photographs and write a full-page review of her meal.

Example: Review of Kashew Cheese (ranks position 1 for ‘Kashew Cheese review’)