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Gut health has become quite a trendy topic, thus so have supplements like Symprove. As someone who suffers from IBS and loves to travel, I was curious to see if Symprove could really make a difference in my digestive well-being.

IBS can be a real pain, especially when you’re on the road and exposed to unfamiliar cuisines and environments. I’ve tried various supplements and diets, but nothing seemed to work consistently.

That’s why I decided to give Symprove a go and take it with me on my travels. In this Symprove review, I’ll share with you how it has helped me manage my IBS symptoms and keep my gut in check. I’ll also tell you about the positives and negatives of Symprove, and whether I think it’s worth the hype.


  • The most effective probiotic
  • Available in handy travel-sized bottles
  • It helps alleviate gut issues


  • Comes in plastic
The Symprove probiotic supplement box and bottle - Symprove Review product photo
50% off first 3-months£25.00 pm
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What is Symprove?

Symprove is a water-based food supplement that contains 4 strains of live bacteria – Lacticaseibacillus Rhamnosus, Enterococcus Faecium, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, and Lactiplantibacillus Plantarum.

Live bacteria are also known as probiotics, but Symprove can’t technically be called a ‘probiotic supplement’ because of European food laws. It is however used as such. In fact, I have found it to be one of the most effective supplements that contains live bacteria, i.e. probiotics.

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Does Symprove have side effects?

You may experience subtle side effects when taking Symprove for the first time. Common side effects include looser stools and excess gas. It is simply a sign that the probiotics are getting to work in your microbiome.

Any negative side effects most likely won’t outweigh the negative effects of any gut issues you may be grappling with. For example, if you are taking Symprove after a bad case of food poisoning that you picked up from your travels, or after a round of antibiotics, you likely won’t experience any extra discomfort.

If you are going to be travelling with Symprove, I would recommend taking it for at least 1 week before you set off. This will allow for any potential side effects and give your gut microbiome time to prepare for a temporary change in diet.

Does Symprove actually work?

In my experience, most probiotic supplements are just a fad. But Symprove is different because it is a water-based supplement. Liquids have been shown to create a friendly environment for live bacteria to thrive in. By taking it first thing in the morning, 10 minutes before you consume anything, the liquid bacteria dodges all of the stomach acids that threaten to kill off the friendly bacteria before they can reach your lower gut.

One study conducted by UCL showed that the bacteria in Symprove stayed ‘alive’ throughout the whole process and were thus able to thrive in the gut. Unlike all the other probiotic supplements they tested, it was the only one to ‘arrive, survive, and thrive’ in the gut. It is for this reason that Symprove actually works.

As someone who has taken Symprove on and off for the past 3 years, I can speak for its effectiveness. It has helped me recover from sickness bugs, rounds of antibiotics, and IBS flare-ups.

It is important to note that our gut microbiome is unique to us, so there can be no one-size-fits-all supplement. Symprove works for a huge quantity of people grappling with gut issues, but there is a small chance that it may not work for you.

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A handy travel bottle of Symprove

My positives

I have been taking Symprove on and off for a few years now. Every so often, I will take a break from Symprove. This is usually when I am at home and I can ensure my diet comprises plenty of fermented foods and a variety of plants. But I do regularly come back to Symprove, read on to find out why.

It’s the most effective probiotic

Since my IBS diagnosis a few years ago I have tested out pretty much every single probiotic supplement under the sun. I have experienced varying degrees of success, the majority of it short-lived. In particular, I have found most powdered probiotic capsules to be a waste of money.

The only probiotic that has helped me manage my gut issues in the long term is Symprove. It gets to work quickly, I start noticing positive effects after 4 or 5 days. It reduces my bloats, gas, and abdominal pains, as well as regulating my stools.

After a few weeks of taking Symprove, I can feel much lighter and free to eat whatever foods I fancy. Although, I do make sure to complement it with a varied plant-based diet and fermented foods.

When I take a break from Symprove, I find my gut remains in a steady state. As long as I am careful with what I eat. But I am prone to IBS flare-ups, and travel-related dietary changes, so I can start to experience a gradual decline in gut health. It is usually around this time that I reach back for that bottle of Symprove.

They sell travel-sized bottles

It is very possible to take Symprove with you on holiday. I often travel with a bottle of Symprove in my suitcase because it helps me avoid any negative side effects of sudden dietary changes. However, you do need to ensure you only travel with unopened bottles that don’t need refrigerating. Open bottles need to stay cold.

Well, that was until they brought out their handy travel-sized bottles. Each bottle contains a 70ml single shot of liquid probiotic. You can pack them in amongst your belongings and keep them there until you need them. You can even pack one with you as carry-on luggage for your flight. The travel bottles are available to all existing customers. So make sure to sign up for a Symprove subscription first!

Taking Symprove has been one of the most effective ways to keep my gut healthy whilst travelling!

It helps alleviate gut issues

As I’ve mentioned, Symprove is easily the most effective probiotic supplement that I’ve tried. It can help manage a whole variety of gut-related issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD), and other digestive problems, like:

  • Bloating
  • Excess gas
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Abdominal pains

If your gut problems are because of changes in your diet, or the build-up of ‘bad’ bacteria in your microbiome, then Symprove can easily fix this. However, if you have a diagnosed digestive issue like IBS or IBD, then it won’t necessarily ‘cure’ it, but instead help you to manage the symptoms.

I wish there was a cure for my IBS, but what has been helpful is a mixture of therapy, a varied diet, and regular doses of Symprove.

A close up of the bottle of Symprove for this Symprove review

My negatives

A drawback of most supplements is that they don’t work for every single person, but from reading many Symprove reviews from customers online (on TrustPilot and Amazon) it is clear that it works for a large majority of people who try it. Therefore, I wouldn’t say this is a negative as such, it is just the nature of supplements.

However, I do have one concern when buying from Symprove, notably the packaging.

Comes in plastic

Since Symprove is a liquid probiotic, it is unsurprisingly packed in plastic. I am desperately trying to avoid buying single-use plastic, so it is annoying when I find products I like that use it. That being said, I dislike buying bioplastics passed off as ‘eco-friendly’ packaging even more. I’d rather buy plastic that can be put in your recycling at home, rather than bioplastic packaging which requires specialist composting facilities (of which there are few).

Thankfully, Symprove use PET plastic which is easy to recycle. I also limit my purchasing of plastic elsewhere, so I am a lot more comfortable buying essential items in plastic here and there.

A box of the travel Symprove bottles on the floor next to a grey towel for this Symprove review

My verdict

It isn’t often that you’ll find me on my travels without my bottle of Symprove. Do I think it is a miracle product? Well, no not quite. A miracle product would be a cure for my IBS. But when it comes to managing and reducing my gut issues, Symprove is the only supplement to consistently help me with this.

It allows me to travel more freely and confidently, when before I’d dread flights and long train journeys, and be scared to eat out in new countries. It also helps me keep my IBS in check when I’m not at home to hide away in my room with the doors and windows locked shut.

I would recommend Symprove to anyone else who grapples with gut issues that can’t be solved with simple changes in diet or lifestyle. Moreover, for anyone who finds their gut limits their fun time and adventures! Hopefully, Symprove will give you the freedom to live your life the way you want to, like it does for me!

The Symprove probiotic supplement box and bottle - Symprove Review product photo
50% off first 3-months£25.00 pm
12-month subscription£39.99 pm
Flexible rolling subscription£49.99 pm

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