Lucy in an airport with her vegan packing list essentials
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All my life’s possessions fit inside one suitcase which weighs just 20kg. My carry-on rucksack weighs about 8kg. I’d say this makes me a bit of a packing pro!

I’m not suggesting that you pack all of your life’s possessions into one suitcase, especially if you’re only heading out on a 2-week holiday. But no matter where you are off to and for how long, this list will provide you with all of the necessities to bring along on your vegan adventure!


Unless you are travelling within your own country, you are going to need to organise and pack some important paperwork.

I get my visas here


You won’t get very far through this packing list without something to pack it all into!

I use this one from Eastpak
I use this one from 8000kicks
I use this one from Eastpak
I use this one from D&D


Relying on your hotel’s toiletries can be a little risky!

I use this one from Suri
I use this one from Waken
I use this one from Wild
I use this one from Green People
I get mine from DR.VEGAN
My favourite is Saalt
I use these ones from Wild
I use these ones from Fourfive
Are you bringing liquids in your carry on luggage?

If you are bringing any liquids in your carry on luggage then make sure to follow these guidelines: All liquid containers must contain no more than 100ml and they must all fit inside one 20cmx20cm clear plastic bag. One plastic bag per person.


I may be pointing out the obvious here, but don’t forget to pack your clothing items!

I get mine from 8000kicks
I get mine from TALA
I get mine from Wuka
I have a this towel from ININEKO
Mine is from Yogamatters


These useful pieces of tech will ensure you stay connected throughout your travels.

I use this one
I use Airalo
Are you flying with electronics?

If you’re flying with electronics that have lithium batteries, pack them in your carry-on luggage; they should not be placed in your checked baggage.

Money & security

These are essential items that I would never ever travel without!

I use Wise
I get mine from SafetyWing
Lucy of myvegantravels

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