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Having flown Vietnam Airlines many times between various countries across Asia and Europe, I can confirm that they do offer vegan meals. However, you will need to request them ahead of time. Read on to find out more about the plant-based food on Vietnam Airlines!

How are the vegan meals on Vietnam Airlines?

I have always felt well catered for when flying on Vietnam Airlines. But the food that you get varies in quality quite significantly depending on where you are flying out of.

Whilst the food I’ve received when flying out of Vietnam has been great, the standards always seem much lower when flying out of London Heathrow. Which says something about their catering suppliers in other countries.

A larger vegan meal of pasta, salad and fruit served on a Vietnam Airlines flight

Main meal

The main meals tend to be quite substantial for me. I usually feel quite full after finishing the main hot dish. You often get bread and a tub of vegan butter (depending where you are flying out from), which is great for anyone with a larger appetite.

The meals are always pretty flavourful, even if they look uninspiring.

I’ve always felt their side dishes are lacking though. It’s usually a plain salad, sometimes with fruit. When flying out of Vietnam with Qatar Airways I’ve had some quite elaborate side salads with tofu and pickled mushrooms. So it is possible for them to offer some a little more exciting here.

What I particularly like is that they’ve recently started giving out paper cups alongside your meals, so no more drinks in single-use plastic! It’s not something I’ve seen many airlines do yet.

A vegan meal of samosas, salad and fruit served on a Vietnam Airlines flight

Small meal

I usually quite enjoy the smaller vegan meals served on Vietnam Airlines. They tend to be served on really short-haul flights or as the second meal on a long-haul flight.

Most of the time, this meal has consisted of pastry-based foods, or something served in bread. For example, I got some really well spied samosas on a flight between Vietnam and Hong Kong.

The service

What I really like about Vietnam Airlines is how careful they are with delivering the correct special meals to the right people. They often go through the plane and check with all the people who have ordered special meals before the inflight meal service begins. I have always felt really comforted by this, knowing that the right meal is coming my way!

Moreover, every flight I’ve taken on Vietnam Airlines I have had my vegan meal delivered to me before they bring through the main food trolley. This lessens the chance of you being handed over a meal containing animals (something which happens to me quite regularly on Qatar Airways).

This video takes you through the process of ordering a vegan meal on Vietnam Airlines

How do you order a vegan meal on Vietnam Airlines?

Ordering special meals through Vietnam Airlines is really easy. First, check out their special meal codes here (VGML is the universal code for vegan meals) and then submit your request. The way in which you do this will depend on how you booked your Vietnam Airlines flight:

  • If you bought your flights online: Order your vegan meal through their website here or in the ‘manage booking’ section of the website. Make sure to request 36 hours prior to your departure time. Follow the video above if you get stuck!
  • If you bought your flights through an agency/ticketing office: Contact the agent directly at least 24 hours prior to your departure time

Please note, business and first class customers will still need to request a vegan meal as there isn’t one offered à la carte.

How many meals do you get on Vietnam Airlines?

The number of meals that you get in economy class on a Vietnam Airlines flight depends on the flight time:

  • For short-haul flights (approx. 2+ hours): One main/small meal
  • For long-haul flights (approx. 7+ hours): One main meal and one small meal

In addition to food, international Vietnam Airlines flights offer complimentary drinks. Including alcohol, juice, tea and coffee.

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