About My Vegan Travels

Hi there, my name is Lucy and I am a full time traveller A.K.A. digital nomad. I have been living out of my suitcase since 2017 working from my laptop.

As a vegan, it hasn’t been easy but I have always found a way!

I built this blog with the intention of sharing my experiences with other people, vegan or not. Hopefully I can provide inspiration and guidance to anyone who loves travelling or wants to embark on a new adventure.

Lucy the founder of My Vegan Travels in a bookshop whilst travelling

Who am I?

I am a shy control freak turned introvert-extrovert. You know, the kind that can pretend they are enjoying meeting loads of people at parties and pull it off. But secretly they are dreaming about eating vegan ice cream on the sofa in the comfort of their own home (or Airbnb in my case). So, yeah, that’s me down to a tee.

I absolutely love meeting new people, exploring new places and trying out different cuisines. But I also really love slow travel, spending a lot of time in every place I visit, getting to know the place and winding down into the local’s pace of life.

This is the way I have been living since 2017, when I set out to Vietnam on a one-way plane ticket with my life all packed into a suitcase. It was as thrilling as it was scary. But it taught me a lot about myself and the world!

Since then, I have forged a career as a full-time blogger which allows me to share my story with the world! You may also want to check out my first blog, Edible Ethics, which is a vegan food blog that I started up when I was working as a chef in London (my pre-nomadic life).

Lucy the founder of My Vegan Travels in a cafe with her laptop and food

How do I travel full time?

It wasn’t easy in the beginning as I started my travels without an income. I had been working as a vegan chef so decided that I would try become a vegan food blogger and freelance chef.

This was more tricky than I had anticipated, so I took up some online English teaching on the side. But this really wasn’t for me!

I decided to accept a remote job in digital marketing so I could learn more about SEO.

I got a little side-lined, building my own vegan digital marketing and web design agency, SHiDO, which I worked on for a few years. I built up a remote team and a remote client base.

In the background I was working on my own blogs, pouring all of my knowledge into them. Near the end of 2022 I was able to take on my blogs full-time. It is a dream job, but it requires a lot of hard work and plenty of patience.

Where have I travelled to?

When I first started out my on my nomadic journey I stayed in Vietnam for 1.5 years. I absolutely fell in love with this country, the food, the culture and the people! It is such a beautiful place that I hold very close to my heart. Since then, I have ventured a lot further.

Here is a list of the countries I have visited so far (as a vegan):

France, Spain, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, Morocco, Croatia, The United States, Singapore, Borneo (Malaysia), Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Andorra, Sri Lanka, Cuba, The Bahamas, Austria, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Montenegro, Mexico, Portugal