The best vegan bags: backpacks, suitcases, totes & more


Last updated: May 15, 2024

All of these beautiful high quality bags are completely vegan. Meaning zero animal products were used to create them! There is a style here for everyone.

I have a variety of vegan bags that I could not live without. My suitcase has traversed nearly as many countries as I have and my backpack makes working in cafes an absolute breeze. But it hasn’t been easy finding ones that are vegan, high quality and good-looking!

Whether you’re off to work, heading out on a weekend adventure, or just looking for that perfect carry-all, I’ve got you covered. From sleek backpacks and durable suitcases to stylish totes and more, I’m certain you’ll love all my favourite 100% cruelty-free vegan bags!

These are all made using vegan materials, like hemp, paper, apples, and vegan leather, and are manufactured using plant-based glues. But they are all incredibly durable and long-lasting. I have had some of these bags for years and they have all stood the test of time.

Our top picks

Can’t find your favourite style of bag listed in my top picks? Fear not! Many of these vegan-friendly bag brands have a selection of shapes, sizes and styles for you to pick from.


  • Type: Backpack (AKA rucksack)
  • Materials: Hemp
  • Price: £113

This is the ultimate backpack. Not only is it waterproof, expandable, and super light, but it is also made from hemp, a natural and sustainable material. Making this one of the most eco-friendly vegan backpacks you can buy!

The backpack can be expanded from 18L to 30L, making it suitable for both everyday use and travelling. It is pretty spacey inside and can fit quite a few pieces of clothing, a 15-inch laptop, toiletries, books, and more! Plus it has a handy security pocket on the back of the bag which can hold your passport, keys, and money. It is the perfect cabin bag!

I also think it looks super stylish and clean. With the occasional bit of upkeep, this bag can look fresh for years. All thanks to the amazing power of hemp!

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  • Type: Satchel
  • Materials: Cereal crop ‘leather’
  • Price: £134

For those of you looking for something professional and sleek, then this vegan leather messenger bag from Will’s is the one for you! The vegan leather is made from cereal crops, and honestly, it looks incredible. It doesn’t look at all tacky like a lot of cheap vegan leather does.

Inside, you’ll find a luxurious vegan swede lining that is soft to the touch but easy to clean. You can carry it from the top handle or with the adjustable strap.

This particular bag is great for carrying around a laptop (up to 15-inch), a tablet, notebooks, and documents. Plus, it has a handy internal zip compartment that is perfect for storing your keys and other valuables.


  • Type: Crossbody bag
  • Materials: Reinforced paper
  • Price: £24.95

Kula is a PETA registered brand selling bags made out of reinforced paper, sourced from responsibly managed forests. They are lined with a material made from recycled plastic bottles. The result is a unique-looking bag with an almost leather look to the material.

The bag is ‘showerproof’ and surprisingly strong. With it sitting across my body, it gets roughed around a bit, but it holds up well. If it gets any marks on it then I put it in the washing machine (with no fabric softener) and it comes out looking near enough new!

Their crossbody bag sits comfortably across my front and the strap is easy to adjust. I particularly enjoy the variety of compartments, including an internal zipped pocket for valuables and a convenient external zipped pocket for anything you require easy access to.

Oliver Co

  • Type: Wallet
  • Materials: Apple leather
  • Price: £89

This beautiful card wallet from Oliver Co is made using Apple Leather, created using apple waste from the Italian fruit industry. The result is a luxury wallet with a soft and shiny exterior. It feels great to hold and it looks sophisticated too.

The wallet has multiple pockets, both externally and internally. It enables you to carry up to 12 cards while staying slim enough to fit easily in your pocket. There is also space for a few folded bank notes inside.

The wallet is made with RFID-blocking technology to ensure your cards stay safe. Making this the perfect wallet for everyday use and travel too! Plus I’m certain you’ll get a lot of compliments for this vegan wallet!


  • Type: Suitcase
  • Materials: Polyester
  • Price: £115

As someone with no permanent abode, my life is inside my suitcase. Unsurprisingly, I’ve gotten through quite a few of them, but the TRANVERZ suitcase from Eastpak has been with me for years. It gets thrown around in airports, rolled through various terrains, and stuffed to the brim with all my worldly possessions. And it shows no signs of wearing down!

It is completely vegan and is made from polyester. The exterior material is really thick and can withstand a lot of throwing around. If it does pick up any dirt or marks you can easily wipe it off.

Inside, you will find two handy compartments, which allow you to separate your belongings. I use one side for my clothing and the other for my shoes and accessories. The exterior straps help you to squeeze everything into a more compact space and the inbuilt lock helps to keep everything secure.

Matt & Nat

  • Type: Tote bag
  • Materials: Recycled materials
  • Price: £66

Matt & Nat is the place to go for all your vegan handbag needs. They sell a variety of beautiful bags in different shapes and sizes, but my personal favourite is their vegan tote bag. It is the perfect size for carrying everything you need for a day out. You’ll even be able to fit your 15-inch laptop in there!

It will fit snuggly over your shoulder but it is also comfy enough to hold in your hands. The inside is closed using a magnetic snap closure that makes it super easy to get in and out of your bag. Plus it includes an internal zipped pocket for valuables.

The vegan leather material that they use is pretty realistic and it ages nicely. If it gets dirty, simply wipe anything away with a wet cloth!

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