Wild Deodorant review: Is it actually a good deodorant?

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I’m a sweaty person* with a preference for the hottest of climates. So basically, my armpits hate me.

I had a hard time finding a vegan and eco-friendly deodorant that could withstand these treacherous conditions. Until Wild Deodorant came about. It ain’t perfect and neither are my pits. But it has become my number 1 travel companion. In this honest Wild Deodorant review I am going to tell you why!

*The kind of person that sweats even in cold weather.

Is Wild actually a good deodorant?

My rating: 4.4/5

I’ve tried many vegan and natural deodorants over the years and the only one that has worked properly for my pits is Wild Deodorant. It has been effective at stopping the stench but the trade off is that it may leave white marks. This is something I’m happy to live with in return for lovely smelling pits and an eco-friendly deodorant.

Whilst I wouldn’t want to claim that this is the perfect deodorant, I do believe it is the best deodorant for me. As someone who sweats a lot and spends a lot of time in hot countries, Wild Deodorant has been successful at keeping the odour at bay.

I was getting so tired of the rashes I was experiencing with every new natural deodorant I tried. I was close to giving up and going back to less eco-friendly alternatives, but thankfully, Wild’s sensitive range has meant that I can actually use a natural deodorant.

Because of how effective Wild Deodorant is for me, I can look past the white marks. They are a minor inconvenience, but mostly I am happy that my pits smell nice even whilst they are profusely sweating.

I know there is a battle of the best smelling pits going on between brands like Wild and Fussy, but I do believe it is important to note that everyone’s body is different. So whilst Wild does work for me and Fussy really doesn’t, you may experience the opposite. Thankfully, Wild’s little travel deodorants can give you a taster of how their deodorant will work for you, without having to commit to buying a case. Fussy don’t offer this, so my suggestion would be to start with Wild.

Is Wild better than Fussy?

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Personally, I find Wild to be much better than Fussy. Not only is Wild more effective, I also much prefer the scents.

Fussy deodorant doesn’t actually work for me at all. I persisted for months, but Fussy Deodorant left my pits smelling worse than without any deodorant at all. Moreover, their formula caused my armpits to break out in a horrible red itchy rash. The rash is something I got from regular Wild Deodorant also, but thankfully their sensitive formula works perfectly for me.

That being said, everyone’s pits are different. Half my family are Wild Deodorant users and the other half are Fussy Deodorant users. So unless you know you have sensitive skin, you may not know which one is best for you until you test them out! Thankfully, Wild Deodorant offer mini deodorants you can try out without purchasing a case.

Does Wild deodorant stop you smelling?

The most important thing when it comes to any deodorant is whether or not it actually works. Personally, I have found Wild Deodorant to be the most effective natural vegan deodorant on the market.

I apply it first thing in the morning and it keeps my armpits smelling fresh and clean all the way through to the evening. Even when I’m in hotter climates.

It also manages to keep any odours at bay whilst I’m in the gym. Occasionally I may find my pits are a little smelly after a particularly sweaty gym session, but not enough for anyone else to notice.

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Which Wild scent is the best?

If you are looking for a fresh scent then try out one of their originals, Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt and Coconut & Vanilla. The latter is a lot more subtle and the former you’ll be able to smell throughout the day.

If you are a bit more adventurous then definitely check out their limited edition scents. I haven’t tried a scent of theirs yet which I haven’t enjoyed.

I’ve gone from avoiding sniffing my armpits, to sniffing them on purpose. No word of a lie. And it’s all down to Wild and their amazing smelling deodorant scents.

Is Wild good for sensitive skin?

When I first switched to natural deodorants I discovered I had a sensitivity to baking soda, the ingredient that is used to neutralise odours. Fortunately, Wild have a range of sensitive deodorants that leave out the baking soda. Instead, they use rice starch which soaks up the sweat and oil in your pits.

I find their sensitive version is nearly as effective as their main range. I don’t think it lasts quite as long, but you’ll still get a full day out of it! Plus, I’ve had zero rashes since using their sensitive deodorant.

You won’t miss out with sensitive armpits either, because they offer a really large selection of their scents in a sensitive version.

Does Wild leave white marks?

Unfortunately, Wild Deodorant can leave white marks on your clothing. Particularly straight after applying it to your armpits. Therefore, you do need to be careful when getting dressed. I do have a few suggestions for this:

  1. Apply your Wild Deodorant after getting dressed
  2. Don’t apply too much deodorant as the excess won’t absorb
  3. Rub in the deodorant with a clean flannel or your hands to ensure all of it absorbs into your skin

If you do get white marks on your clothing from your Wild Deodorant, then get a damp flannel and wipe it clean. Thankfully, it won’t stain!

I can’t deny though, that it is a bit of a faff. I really wish it wouldn’t leave white marks on my clothing but I am yet to find another vegan natural deodorant that doesn’t do this (even Fussy does).

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Where can you buy Wild Deodorant?

Wild Deodorant can be bought from multiple outlets, including their own website, Amazon, Tesco, Holland & Barrett, and Sainsbury’s.

OutletRefill priceCase price
WildFrom £5From £10
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