A bagel with vegan cheese at Kashew Cheese in Saigon
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Kashew Cheese is a fully vegan deli that specialises in cultured cashew cheese. They sell a variety of different styles of vegan cheese including mozzarella, ricotta, cream cheese, and blocks of aged cheese in a variety of flavours. On top of this, they have a menu of dishes made using their vegan cheese, including sandwiches, paninis and pasta.

At the time of writing, they have three outlets – a deli and a garden villa in Thao Dien, and a cafe in District 7. You can also order their food via the Grab app or on their website.

From the moment I first tried their vegan cheese back in 2018, I was in awe! I got a behind-the-scenes glimpse at their culturing process and it was incredible to see the work that goes into creating each block of cheese. Whenever I am back in Ho Chi Minh City, I spend most of my time eating at Kashew Cheese. I can never get enough! Continue reading my Kashew Cheese review to find out why!

My experience

Having spent a lot of time eating at and ordering from Kashew Cheese, I want to share my thoughts on their food, the drinks, the service and the ambience.

A vegan cheese panini at Kashew Cheese in Ho Chi Minh City

The food

The paninis and sandwiches at Kashew Cheese are without a doubt the best I’ve ever had. The mix of vegan cheese that they fill them with, paired with high-quality oil and vegetables, creates the most comforting and heavenly dishes. The cheese has a tang to it and is incredibly creamy. I don’t know if it’s the locally grown cashews, the art of culturing, or a mixture of these two things, but this vegan cheese is to die for. If you aren’t in Vietnam right now, I would recommend travelling there just for this!

But it isn’t just great vegan cheese, they really understand how to pair it with other ingredients to make the most of the flavours. For example, their mushroom pasta dish which is made using white wine and ricotta is divine.

If you are gluten-free then you won’t miss out. They have a gluten-free bagel option that is equally as delicious as the other dishes. Because of the filling, you can hardly tell the bagel is gluten-free. Hopefully one day they will offer a gluten-free pasta dish too.

They also sell a selection of vegan raw desserts from Rawberry, all of which are delicious (you’ll never know they are raw desserts).

Kashew Cheese in the evening with a bagel and a glass of vegan wine

The drinks

Whilst vegan wine is becoming quite common in Europe, I have yet to see any clear labelling of wine in Asia. Thankfully, Kashew Cheese have done all the legwork for us and provided a fully vegan wine list to complement their dishes. I thoroughly enjoyed a glass of cold Pinot outside their deli in the evening. Some nights they have a jazz musician playing outside, making it a great spot for a relaxed evening with wine, friends and great food.

They also have a selection of craft beers, kombucha, cashew milk, hot drinks, and smoothies. I enjoy having a Hot Kashuccino in the morning alongside one of their vegan breakfast options.

A Rawberry dessert at Kashew Cheese in Thao Dien

The service

I’ve always enjoyed the service at food establishments in Vietnam. More often than not, the staff are super friendly and attentive. Kashew Cheese is no exception. I found the staff to be friendly and chatty, plus they all speak English well!

You order at the counter and the food gets delivered to your table pretty quickly, even during busy periods.

It is also great to see the kitchen staff members all working with a smile and chatting amongst each other.

Close up of the gluten-free bagel with vegan cashew cheese at Kashew Cheese

The ambience

All of the Kashew Cheese outlets are trendy and chic. They are perfect for brunch and lunch dates, as well as relaxed breakfasts. They all have a nice relaxed feel to them.

I also enjoy the deli space in the evenings. The majority of the seating is outside in a shared courtyard, which has a great atmosphere to it at night. The weather is cooler, so a lot more people are out enjoying food and drinks. There is a lovely water feature and shared table in the middle, and a real buzz about it.

I would recommend the deli for a relaxed date night, or an evening with friends.

Visit Kashew Cheese

You can enjoy Kashew Cheese at all of these locations:

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