Where can I get vegan croissants in London, UK?


Last updated: June 7, 2024

Gone are the days where going vegan meant ditching pastry. Because now you can get vegan croissants. In multiple places across London! What a time to be alive.

In London and got a craving for a buttery flaky croissant, but you’re vegan? Well, today is your day, because there are at least 9 different spots across London offering just that – vegan croissants!

You’ll discover a mix of 100% vegan establishments and a few vegetarian, spanning East to West London.

Two vegan croissants on plates outside of The Fields Beneath vegan cafe in London

The Fields Beneath

  • Vegan establishment: Yes
  • Location: Kentish Town
  • Offering: Plain croissant, almond croissant, and rarebit croissant

The Fields Beneath is one of my favourite vegan cafes in London. They sell a range of vegan baked goods, including a few different croissants, as well as a toasted rarebit croissant filled with pesto and fresh tomatoes. It is delicious.

They also do great oat milk coffee to dip your buttery vegan croissant into.

They have a good amount of outdoor seating when it is warm enough as well as a few seats inside. Make sure to get there early on the weekend to secure your seat, because The Fields Beneath gets busy (which they 100% deserve).

A vegan croissant from WAVE in Hackney, London

WAVE (We Are Vegan Everything)

  • Vegan establishment: Yes
  • Location: Hackney
  • Offering: Plain croissant, almond croissant, and chocolate croissant

Hackney is renowned for its amazing selection of vegan restaurants and cafes, so it is no surprise that it is also home to WAVE (We Are Vegan Everything), a plant-based eatery selling a great selection of delicious vegan croissants.

It is a very trendy spot with plenty of photo opportunities. But the food is also delicious. Their pastries are delicate and flaky, with a great depth of flavour.

Make sure to order one of their amazing hot drinks, like their cacao with lion’s mane (perfect for dunking croissants into), or their CBD matcha latte.

A filled and toasted vegan ham and brie croissant at Dauns one of the best vegan croissants in London


  • Vegan establishment: Yes
  • Location: Spitalfields
  • Offering: Plain croissant, pain au chocolat, and filled toasted croissants

Dauns is a vegan Scandinavian cafe located just off Spitalfields. It is a great little cafe with a large variety of Scandinavian food. They also have a nice selection of pastries, including croissants, pain au chocolat and Scandi-inspired toasted croissant sandwiches.

My personal favourite croissant is their vegan ham and brie toasted croissant served with a mustard sauce. It is a delicious and creative way to eat the croissant! The vegan croissant itself is light and flaky so it is also great served plain with a selection of spreads.

The cafe has a great atmosphere so it is a great spot to chill out with a coffee and a book!

Inside 123V bakery with a display of some of the best vegan croissants in London
Credit: 123V

123V Bakery

  • Vegan establishment: Yes
  • Location: Fitzrovia
  • Offering: Plain croissant and chocolate croissant

If you enjoy fine dining, then I’m certain you’ll know about Alexis Gauthier and his vegan restaurant, Gauthier, located in Soho. You will also be happy to know that he has opened a few other vegan eateries across London, one of which sells vegan croissants! And this vegan classically trained chef knows a fair few things about pastry. So these croissants are gooood!

Located inside the BFI building off Tottenham Court Road, this is probably one of the most centrally located vegan spots offering pastries. Making it easy for tourists or shoppers to get a bite of a delicious croissant.

Whilst you are there, make sure to pick up one of their focaccia sandwiches. Or stick around until dinner to try out his fine dining food in a more relaxed setting, at Studio Gauthier (located in the same space as 123V Building).

A vegan pain au chocolate and coffee at Shotwave, one of the best vegan croissants in London


  • Vegan establishment: Yes
  • Location: Camden (inside Temple of Seitan)
  • Offering: Plain croissant and pain au chocolate

Shotwave is a vegan coffee shop located inside Temple of Seitan’s Camden branch. Their coffee is tasty and pairs nicely with their selection of pastries and baked goods. I recommend dunking your pastries into the coffee for extra deliciousness!

I enjoy their vegan pain au chocolat and it takes a huge amount of willpower to avoid buying one of their brownies alongside it. If you are feeling a little extra peckish then you can order some vegan fried chicken on the side. I won’t judge!

With the coffee shop being merged with their vegan chicken shop it doesn’t have that homely cafe feel to it, but they do have some outside seating that is perfect for people watching!

A vegan chocolate croissant on top of a brown paper bag from Sazzy and Fran in London

Sazzy & Fran

  • Vegan establishment: Yes
  • Location: Bethnal Green
  • Offering: Almond croissant, ‘cheese’ and tomato croissant, and chocolate croissant

For the most insane vegan chocolate croissants (aka vegan pain au chocolat), then you need to head on down to vegan cafe Sazzy & Fran. They are huge, flaky, and delicious. Plus they have a few other pastries on their menu if chocolate isn’t your thing.

The best bit, their cafe is dog-friendly. And there are often plenty of cute dogs hanging out there! But you can also get their croissants delivered to you via Deliveroo. Perfect for those lazy mornings in bed.

Whilst you are there make sure to try out their vegan pancakes, or their delicious vegan sausage muffin (like a plant-based McMuffin).

Two vegan almond croissants at Clean Kitchen in London

Clean Kitchen

  • Vegan establishment: Yes
  • Location: Battersea & Camden (currently closed)
  • Offering: Plain croissant and almond croissant

The croissants at Clean Kitchen, a vegan grab & go establishment, are quite easily the best I’ve ever had. I would go more often if they hadn’t closed their Camden brand temporarily.

Their croissants are huge! Plus the pastry is really flaky on the outside whilst still being buttery and soft inside. I would recommend their almond croissants which are filled with and almond paste and sprinkled with icing sugar on top. They are the perfect sweet treat.

Their Battersea kitchen is still open which is great news for anyone South of the river. It is located in the recently renovated power station.

A single vegan croissant at Wulf & Lamb in London

Wulf & Lamb

  • Vegan establishment: Yes
  • Location: Chelsea & Marylebone
  • Offering: Plain croissant and raspberry croissant

For a more upmarket breakfast or brunch spot, make sure to check out Wulf & Lamb, a plant-based food establishment. They have a few different flavoured vegan croissants available each day.

When I used to work as a vegan chef at Wulf & Lamb in Chelsea, I would bake these vegan croissants every morning. The smell that would waft through the kitchen was divine. They were always nabbed up pretty quickly by the customers too.

If you are at their Chelsea branch make sure to sit outside because it is located on a beautiful street.

A vegan berry croissant at Veggie Pret in London


  • Vegan establishment: No, vegetarian
  • Location: Soho & Shoreditch
  • Offering: Berry croissant, plain croissant, chocolate croissant and almond croissant

Pret used to have a few Veggie Prets which offered a wide selection of vegan croissants. But they recently merged them with their normal Prets. But you can still enjoy a few vegan croissants in different locations.

I haven’t found their vegan croissants in all locations but you can get their berry croissant in most locations.

Vegan croissants at Planet Organic in London

Planet Organic

  • Vegan establishment: No
  • Location: Hampstead, Spitalfields, Islington, Westbourne Grove, Muswell Hill, and more
  • Offering: Organic plain croissant, chocolate almond croissant, almond croissant, and pain au chocolat

Planet Organic is an organic supermarket with physical locations dotted around London as well as an online store. It is a very trendy supermarket and whenever I visit I somehow find myself spending lots of money on very little food. But you can find some great vegan food here!

They have a variety of cakes and pastries often located by the till. Included within this are a few different vegan croissants. They are flaky and really tasty. It’s great that they are also organic!

A basket of vegan croissants at Arapina in London

Arapina Bakery

  • Vegan establishment: No
  • Location: Greenwich
  • Offering: Plain croissant, crolls and mushroom croissant

Arapina is an online bakery with a physical store based in Greenwich. They offer a large selection of pastries with a few vegan options.

Their croissants are vegan, as well as their crolls (a round croissant bun). You can also get their plain croissants filled with a vegan bechamel, mushrooms and leeks.

They have a selection of these available in their physical store but for a larger range you can order online for special occasions, events and more.

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