Where can I get vegan croissants in London, UK?

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Two vegan croissants on plates in a cafe in London

In London and got a craving for a buttery flaky croissant, but you’re vegan? Well, today is your day. Because there are a few spots across London offering just that – vegan croissants!

Vegan croissants in London

Discover all of these amazing establishments across London selling vegan croissants. There are a mix of 100% vegan establishments and a few vegetarian. Spanning East to West London.

Two vegan croissants on plates outside of The Fields Beneath vegan cafe in London

The Fields Beneath

  • Vegan establishment: Yes
  • Location: Kentish Town
  • Offering: Plain croissant, almond croissant, and rarebit croissant

The Fields Beneath is one of my favourite vegan spots in London. They sell a range of vegan baked goods, including a few different croissants, as well as a toasted rarebit croissant filled with pesto and fresh tomatoes. It is delicious.

They also do great oat milk coffee to dip your buttery vegan croissant into.

They have a good amount of outdoor seating when it is warm enough as well as a few seats inside. Make sure to get there early on the weekend to secure your seat, because The Fields Beneath gets busy (which they 100% deserve).

Two vegan almond croissants at Clean Kitchen in London

Clean Kitchen

  • Vegan establishment: Yes
  • Location: Battersea & Camden (currently closed)
  • Offering: Plain croissant and almond croissant

The croissants at Clean Kitchen, a vegan grab & go establishment, are quite easily the best I’ve ever had. I would go more often if they hadn’t closed their Camden brand temporarily.

Their croissants are huge! Plus the pastry is really flaky on the outside whilst still being buttery and soft inside. I would recommend their almond croissants which are filled with and almond paste and sprinkled with icing sugar on top. They are the perfect sweet treat.

Their Battersea kitchen is still open which is great news for anyone South of the river. It is located in the recently renovated power station.

A single vegan croissant at Wulf & Lamb in London

Wulf & Lamb

  • Vegan establishment: Yes
  • Location: Chelsea & Marylebone
  • Offering: Plain croissant and raspberry croissant

For a more upmarket breakfast or brunch spot, make sure to check out Wulf & Lamb, a plant-based food establishment. They have a few different flavoured vegan croissants available each day.

When I used to work as a vegan chef at Wulf & Lamb in Chelsea, I would bake these vegan croissants every morning. The smell that would waft through the kitchen was divine. They were always nabbed up pretty quickly by the customers too.

If you are at their Chelsea branch make sure to sit outside because it is located on a beautiful street.

A vegan berry croissant at Veggie Pret in London

Veggie Pret

  • Vegan establishment: No, vegetarian
  • Location: Soho & Shoreditch
  • Offering: Berry croissant, plain croissant, chocolate croissant and almond croissant

Veggie Pret is the vegetarian version of the very popular Pret a Manger. They have two Veggie Prets in London both of which offer a ‘vegan bakery’. These include a variety of vegan croissants, including plain, chocolate and almond flavours.

You can also get their berry croissant which is a delicious alternative to traditional croissants. You can also get your hands on one of these in most normal Pret a Mangers. But you won’t find the other vegan croissants anywhere else.

I really enjoy their chocolate croissant. Make sure to pick one up in their Soho brand with a coffee and watch the world go by out the window.

A single vegan croissant on a pink plate at Knead a Little Love in London

Knead a Little Love

  • Vegan establishment: No, vegetarian
  • Location: Bethnal Green
  • Offering: Plain croissant

This vegetarian bakery is run by two sisters who are on a mission to provide London with delicious free-from bakes. It is based in Bethnal Green, in East London.

They offer a large variety of fully vegan baked goods, including their plain croissant. They also run specials which can often include their croissants. Like a vegan croissant burger filled with nut cheese and tempeh.

You can go visit them in store or order their croissants online for weddings, events, and special occasions.

A basket of vegan croissants at Arapina in London

Arapina Bakery

  • Vegan establishment: No
  • Location: Greenwich
  • Offering: Plain croissant, crolls and mushroom croissant

Arapina is an online bakery with a physical store based in Greenwich. They offer a large selection of pastries with a few vegan options.

Their croissants are vegan as well as their crolls, a round croissant bun. You can also get their plain croissants filled with a vegan bechamel, mushrooms and leeks.

They have a selection of these available in their physical store but for a larger range you can order online for special occasions, events and more.

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