The 11 best vegan food spots in Da Nang


Last updated: May 15, 2024

If you are looking for vegan food in Da Nang then I’d say you’ve hit the jackpot. This burgeoning seaside city is fast becoming a vegan haven.

Sandwiched in between the two beautiful and touristy cities of Huế and Hội An, Da Nang has often been overlooked as a tourist destination, but in more recent years people are starting to flock here thanks to its beautiful long sandy beach and tasty food.

Because of this, you are beginning to see more and more vegan restaurants in Da Nang. You still have the usual local chay eateries, meaning you can experience some delicious local Vietnamese food, vegan style. On top of this, you can also enjoy eating at some trendier vegan spots serving up smoothie bowls and burgers. You definitely won’t be leaving Da Nang feeling hungry. So, let’s tuck into the best vegan restaurants in Da Nang, Vietnam.

My top picks

Discover all of my favourite vegan food spots around Da Nang. Do you have anything else to add to this list? Drop me a comment below!

Vegan food from Roots a vegan restaurant in Da Nang, Vietnam


If you are after the best smoothie bowls in Da Nang then you need to get yourself over to Roots. Their smoothie bowls are something else. It is almost like eating ice cream for breakfast, just healthier. I like to go for their Start Up Smoothie bowl which is blended with coffee for an extra caffeine hit in the morning.

I’m not exaggerating when I say I eat their smoothie bowls pretty much every single morning.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, because they also sell a mix of delicious salad bowls, vegan burgers, and toast.

Their restaurant is a nice spot to hang out in with both an outside and inside area. All of the staff are super friendly and happy which creates a really lovely atmosphere when dining in.

An array of vegan food served at Mom's Kitchen by Chickpea Eatery, one of the best vegan restaurants in Da Nang

Mom’s Kitchen by Chickpea Eatery

I fell in love with Chickpea Eatery’s food and staff when I first visited their restaurant in Hội An (you can read my review of Chickpea Eatery here). So I was incredibly happy when I found out that they also had a restaurant closer to me in Da Nang, called Mom’s Kitchen by Chickpea Eatery.

It is set inside their family home, which is calm and cosy. You get to watch them cooking your dishes as you sit and relax in their living space.

Just like in their Hội An restaurant, the food does not at all disappoint! The flavours are distinct and fresh. You probably won’t get the chance to try vegan versions of local dishes like Cao lầu this good anywhere else!

I would live here if it was a little bit closer to the Mỹ Khê beach area.

Ivegan a vegan restaurant in Da Nang Vietnam


This is one of the most popular vegan spots in Da Nang and it is easy to see why. When you visit their restaurant you get real beachy vibes and a good mix of nutritious tasty vegan food.

You can order everything from a smoothie bowl to a vegan burger or a Vietnamese-style salad bowl. Plus, they have a good range of drinks including an oat milk latte. You don’t see oat milk too often in Vietnam, so this is awesome!

I personally love their smoothie bowls (although I would argue that the ones at Roots are better), but most of all I love their Saigon Bowl which I eat pretty much every other day.

Vegan food from Khong a vegan restaurant in Da Nang, Vietnam


This small vegan eatery in the backstreets of Mỹ An is worth a visit for its french fries alone. They are some of the crispiest fries I have ever had the pleasure of eating and I have eaten them more times than I care to tell.

They also do a few different Asian dishes including a tasty Yakisoba, a Thai peanut noodle dish and some more classic Vietnamese dishes of Lemongrass Tofu and rice and a vegan Beef Stew. On top of this, they also do some incredible deep-fried mushrooms which you can order with rice, as a burger or inside a taco.

I love how you can order a mix of unhealthy fried food and much healthier vegetable-heavy dishes from their restaurant. If there are a few of you ordering then it keeps everyone happy!

Vegan food from Loving Vegan a vegan restaurant in Da Nang, Vietnam

Loving Vegan

This is probably one of my most visited vegan restaurants in Da Nang, mostly because of the wide range of food that they offer for really affordable prices. And I am not the only one, this restaurant can get really busy with both locals and tourists/expats.

All of the staff are really friendly and they all speak English, so if you need any help picking a dish they can easily help you!

Their starters are all delicious and I particularly enjoy their deep-fried spring rolls that they serve with mustard leaves to roll up in. For mains, I would recommend one of their noodle soups, a salad, or their vegan Bánh Xèo which is super tasty!

You could eat here many times and try out a new dish every time. You won’t regret it!

A vegan lunch of jackfruit wraps and avocado on toast at Lang 3 a vegan-friendly restaurant in Da Nang


You know when you see a restaurant advertising their menu as predominantly vegan and you believe they could get away with going fully vegan, well, Lang3 is one of these. Their establishment is trendy and a definite hit with both expats and tourists.

Their oat milk latte is delicious and could easily take over any of their cow’s milk options.

This place is a little on the pricier side of things, but their avocado on toast and selection of wraps and pitas can be a welcome break from local food.

Make sure to also check out their climbing wall on the first floor and their yoga classes which take place on the top floor!

Vegan takeaway food from a chay restaurant in Da Nang, Vietnam

Bep Chay Huu Duyen

If you love Cơm eateries where you get a plate of rice and whatever other ingredients they’ve cooked that day pilled on top, then you’ll enjoy eating at Bếp Chay Hữu Duyên.

You can either order their vegan rice or their vegan turmeric noodles which both come topped with an array of vegan meats and vegetables. You can also order a side of extra fake meats and they do a good Bánh Mì.

Their food tastes great and is cheap. I order from them regularly through Grab for a quick lunch or a more substantial dinner.

Vegan takeaway food on a table from a vegan restaurant in Da Nang, Vietnam

Quan Chay Hanh Vegan

If you want to try a few different types of Vietnamese dishes that have been made vegan, then you should visit Quán Chay Hạnh Vegan, or order a delivery from them on Grab.

They have an extensive range of dishes to try, including Cao Lầu (a noodle dish from Hội An), Bánh Cuốn Chay (rolled rice flour cakes) and Gỏi Đu Đủ (papaya salad).

All of the dishes are cheap but tasty, meaning you can order a whole bunch of them to try out.

Vegan food from a chay eatery in Da Nang, Vietnam

Quan chay phuoc duyen

This local vegan eatery is one of the cheapest you’ll find, but the food is incredibly tasty. They have the usual daily rice options which will set you back about 25,000 vnd or you can get yourself one of their noodle soup dishes.

I personally love their Mỳ Quảng, the broth is really tasty and they fill it up with plenty of nutritious ingredients like beans, soy-based fake meat, and taro.

The family who run this are really friendly and happy to help. I’d recommend visiting them and supporting their small business!

A soup dish at vegan restaurant KURUMI in Da Nang


KURUMI is a fully vegan restaurant at the bottom of the popular Mỹ An area. They have a variety of healthy plant-based dishes packed full of flavour and vegetables.

Considering the mix of healthy ingredients you get in each dish, the prices are reasonable! What I particularly like is that they include a mix of vegetables, grains and protein sources, to help you eat a varied diet. If they have any popsicles in stock, I would recommend buying one. They are perfect for the sticky hot days.

The restaurant itself is quite small, but there is a lovely outside area to sit in. I also enjoy ordering takeaway from KURUMI, since it is a bit further away from the main area of Mỹ An.

A noodle dish at vegetarian restaurant 21Grams in Da Nang

21Grams Vegetarian

This vegetarian establishment is a firm favourite of mine. The vegan-friendly dishes are packed full of flavour. I particularly enjoyed their Mixed Mi Quang dish, which is a dry version of the traditional My Quang noodle soup. It comes with a lovely spicy sauce.

Their dishes contain a good mix of vegetables, mushrooms and tofu. They also serve most of their dishes with a little side soup. I also recommend trying their homemade kombucha.

21Grams also has a few other restaurants dotted around. They are one of my favourite vegan-friendly food spots in Saigon too!

You may also be interested in: my favourite vegan-friendly coffee spots in Da Nang

Other vegan food to try

It doesn’t stop there, because there are plenty of other vegan-friendly establishments for you to try out across Da Nang. It amazes me how quickly new restaurants open up around here, so there is always going to be something exciting and new for you to experience.

A tub of vegan-friendly ice cream found in Da Nang
The vegan sorbets at Gioia Gelati are delicious!

On top of the vegan-friendly restaurants in Da Nang that I have mentioned here, I recommend you also give the following spots a try:

  • GioiA Gelati do the most incredible vegan sorbets inspired by local flavours like kumquat and passionfruit – find them here.
  • Most Full Markets sell a variety of vegan cheese made by Way Of, who also make kombucha that is sold in many vegan restaurants in Da Nang.

Are there any other vegan-friendly restaurants that I need to try in Da Nang? Leave a comment below to get the conversation started!

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  1. Keely Avatar

    I’m halfway through a month stay in Da Nang and surprised to have trie about half your list. I’ve been getting lucky! Looking forward to trying the second half.
    Great read, thanks for sharing.

    1. Lucy Johnson Avatar

      Hey Keely, I hope you enjoy all of the vegan food there! 🙂

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