Where can I get oat milk coffee in Hanoi?

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A mug of oat milk coffee from a coffee shop in Hanoi next to a glass of water

When I moved to Vietnam in 2018 oat milk may as well not have existed. Whenever I would visit home (the UK) the first thing I would order is an oat flat white.

Don’t get me wrong, the other plant-based milks that are more typical of this region (soya and cashew milk) aren’t bad, but you really can’t beat oat milk in coffee.

Fast forward a few years and suddenly oat milk is absolutely everywhere. I guess we have Oatside, a trendy Asian oat milk brand, to partially thank for that. It’s gotten so popular that I’ve been able to put together this rather extensive map of the oat milk coffee in Hanoi.

Have you found oat milk anywhere else in Hanoi? Make sure to let me know in the comments box at the bottom of this article.

My favourite oat milk coffee spots

There are a few cafes that stand out from the rest and have become my regular go-to spots when in Hanoi.

A glass of oat milk latte in a vegan coffee shop in Hanoi

Lá Studio

Lá Studio is quite easily one of my favourite spots to hang out in Hanoi. It is fully vegan and all of the drinks and food are delicious. The space itself is beautiful. Make sure to sit upstairs and enjoy your oat latte amongst the greenery on their balcony.

Find out more about this amazing vegan cafe in my full Lá Studio review.

An oat milk coffee at Briefly on Earth featuring the resident cat

Briefly on Earth

Briefly on Earth is my favourite coffee shop in the Hoàn Kiếm lake area. It is conveniently located next to a lot of tourist attractions but far enough away that it isn’t heaving with people.

It is a very trendy cafe that is popular with locals. It’s easy to see why, with their delicious drinks and cute resident cat. Their oat flat white coffee is wonderfully creamy!

A photo of doppio a coffee shop with oat milk in Hanoi

Caffe Doppio

I spend a lot of time at Caffe Doppio. Not only are their oat milk coffees delicious, but they have also created a really lovely space to hang out in. There are a few seats out front where you can spend you weekend mornings chilling out watching the world go by.

Oat milk Hanoi FAQs

Got any questions about oat milk in Hanoi frothing up in your brain? Here are my answers!

What brand of oat milk can you get in Hanoi?

Whilst oat milk is still quite a new product offering in Hanoi, you will find a few different brands that you can buy in the supermarket. This includes Oatside, OTIS, Ecomil, and Alpro. If you are ordering oat milk in one of the many coffee shops in Hanoi then you’ll likely be served Oatside.

Is oat milk popular in Hanoi?

I’ve been amazed at how many coffee shops in Hanoi offer oat milk in their coffee. If you are in Tây Hồ, Hoàn Kiếm, Ba Đình, or Trúc Bạch then you’ll never go short of oat milk. A few vegan restaurants, like iVegan and Lá Studio have been paving the way for some time, but other non-vegan establishments are now noticing the demand. Oh, and they’ve probably realised just how tasty oat milk flat whites are.

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