Where can I get oat milk coffee in Da Nang?

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Inside a coffee shop in Da Nang that sells oat milk coffee

Oat milk is becoming increasingly popular in Vietnam, especially in HCMC and Hanoi. However, it is yet to takeover Da Nang. It is a smaller city so this isn’t so surprising.

That being said, you can still find a few establishments setting the trend and serving up delicious oat milk coffees. Let me show you!

Have you found oat milk anywhere else in Da Nang? Make sure to let me know in the comments box at the bottom of this article.

My favourite spots in Da Nang with oat milk coffee

Whenever I am in Da Nang I spend a lot of time in these establishments because of their delicious oat milk coffee.

An oat milk coffee at iVegan in Da Nang


This fully vegan restaurant is a must-visit when in Da Nang. They make a great oat milk latte and it can be made hot or cold. Make sure to order it alongside a Saigon Bowl, my favourite dish!

An oat milk coffee at dng coffee in Da Nang


This trendy coffee shop looks like it was lifted straight out of Shoreditch in London and plonked next to the beach in Da Nang. It has a great atmosphere and I love the industrial interior. Their iced oat milk latte is also unbeatable. You can drink it outside and enjoy the warm weather or sit inside and get some work done!

More in Da Nang

Find out more about being vegan in Da Nang, Vietnam:

Frequently asked questions

Here are my answers to all your questions regarding oat milk coffee in the beautiful seaside city of Da Nang.

Are coffee shops popular in Da Nang?

Yes, coffee shops are incredibly popular in Da Nang. In fact, they are popular throughout the whole of Vietnam. So much so that you’ll find they are busier than bars at night time. So, make the most out of their awesome coffee shop culture whilst you are visiting Da Nang!

Do many coffee shops in Da Nang serve oat milk?

There are a lot of coffee shops in Da Nang, but at this current moment not many of them serve oat milk. You are a lot more likely to find coffee shops around Da Nang that serve soya, cashew or almond milk. That being said, oat milk is becoming increasingly popular and there are a few coffee shops and cafes paving the way. Hopefully, it will soon make Da Nang a popular oat milk hot spot.

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